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Accident Claim Solicitors

If you are concerned about your future freedom because you were accused of a crime, be sure you let our law office know as soon as possible. If you were hit by a drunk driver, there should be consequences to be paid. Even if you have what is considered an uncontested divorce, you should never try to complete it on your own. Our law office has attorneys with more than thirty years of experience in helping people be compensated for personal injury. Part of a divorce settlement may include child support by the parent who does not have custody.

Dividing property in a divorce settlement can be complicated if spouses have individual property. Hiring an attorney with experience in litigation and child custody will probably serve you better than trying to represent yourself in a divorce. Workers compensation insurance may not cover all your injuries or your time off work. The cost of being in a car accident is much more than just paying for doctor bills. Doing the same repetitive motion day in and day out can cause problems that will be with you for the rest of your life.

Depending on the state where process is served, you may not be able to serve a person in their own home on a Sunday. If you are asked to pay alimony or spousal support after divorce, it will be calculated a specific way by the court. Being married to a violent person is never a good option, especially if there are children involved. Even though you pay insurance, your own insurance company may end up ripping you off after an auto accident. Disrupting the daily activity of your children during a divorce is never a good idea.

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